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People Say Rad Things
People Say Rad Things is a self-initiated project to express my passion for designing every day, as well as a tool to analyze the communication that is oft-forgotten. The things that people say, and the way that people choose to say these things is really special to me, so I wanted to start a project that would reflect my interest, as well as help me to further understand people, and how we all interact with each other. I aim to encourage everyone to both find what they are passionate about, draw, and write about it. It's simple, and can happen every single day. The zines that I produce are in mass-quantity, and are sent out to followers of This is the blog where my illustrations are uploaded regularly, and where I host other people's "rad" drawings, of things that are important to them. It's great. Check it out. Many thanks to Kate Bingaman-Burt for her inspiration and commitment to design to encourage me to take on this endeavor.

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